Massage and Injury Therapy

The Clinic also offers Sports massage, and Sports Injury Therapy.

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Sports Massage

Whilst appropriate for remedial use our strong advice is to use Sports Massage as a preventative treatment. Regular Sports Massage will keep your muscles in good condition, or can target your body's weak spots, minimising injury risk and allowing you to enjoy your fitness training knowing that your body is in good condition.

Sports Injury Therapy

Sports Injuries are part and parcel of fitness training. It is of utmost importance to recognise any issues as early as possible and to get them treated sooner rather than later. The earlier any injury issues are addressed the easier the treatment and the quicker you will be able to return to full fitness.

It is essential to not only treat the injury but to discover and rectify the cause of the injury. Here we can provide rehabilitation programmes to minimise the risk of injury re-occurence.

Massage & Treatment Bookings

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