Terms and Conditions

Woodbyne Fitness Clinic Ltd has absolute discretion upon whether to accept the application for membership of the club. Acceptance of an application for membership of the scheme shall constitute a binding contract between Woodbyne Fitness Clinic Ltd and the member upon these terms and conditions of membership and the Rules.

In these conditions references to masculine import the feminine and neuter and references to the singular import the plural and vice versa.


Limitation of liability

The member agrees that:

Neither Woodbyne Fitness Clinic Ltd nor the employees or agents of Woodbyne Fitness Clinic Ltd shall be liable for any loss, damage, or theft of personal property belonging to the Member whatsoever and howsoever occurring on the property of Woodbyne Fitness Clinic Ltd except to the extent that such loss or damage arises from any negligent act or omission of Woodbyne Fitness Clinic Ltd or any agent or employee of Woodbyne Fitness Clinic Ltd.

Neither Woodbyne Fitness Clinic Ltd nor the employees or agents of Woodbyne Fitness Clinic Ltd shall be responsible for any death or injury occurring upon the premises of Woodbyne Fitness Clinic Ltd as a result of the use of facilities and/or equipment provided by Woodbyne Fitness Clinic Ltd except to the extent that such death or personal injury arises from any negligent act or omission of Woodbyne Fitness Clinic Ltd or any agent or employee of Woodbyne Fitness Clinic Ltd.


Physical condition of the members

A member must ensure that he signs initially on joining stating that he is physically capable of undergoing the normal routine of exercise provided by his programme. It is the responsibility of the member to update his medical record and/or address should this information change. In doubt the member should consult his doctor before embarking on a routine of exercise as all exercises, treatments and use of facilities shall be undertaken at the member’s own risk without any recourse on Woodbyne Fitness Clinic Ltd or any agent or employee of WoodbyneFitness Clinic Ltd.



Members cannot sell, assign or transfer their membership



Every candidate for membership shall be at least 18 years of age save for youth gym membership where applicants must be 12 years of age.


Membership subscription:

The monthly membership subscription is due for each calendar month of membership or part thereof, and is payable in advance by standing order. 

The membership subscription shall be payable by each member irrespective of the actual usage of the club or change in personal circumstances. 

The monthly subscription is owed until the end of the month in which the member gives written notice to cease membership.   It is the member’s responsibility to instruct their bank to terminate the monthly standing order after the last payment.  No refund of payments will be due.

Woodbyne fitness clinic ltd may increase membership subscriptions at any time. Woodbyne fitness clinic shall give the member not less than 30 days notice prior to any such increases.


Cancellation of membership

Woodbyne fitness clinic ltd may cancel the membership of any member without notice and with immediate effect without refund in the event of a member committing serious or repeated breaches of club rules, or if a member is deemed by the management to be a disruptive or negative influence at the club..

If any part of the membership subscription remains unpaid 30 days after the due date for payment, all monies owing to the club in accordance with this agreement will become due and payable immediately; if they are not paid, membership will be cancelled without prejudice to the right of Woodbyne Fitness Clinic ltd to take whatsoever action it deems necessary to recover all monies due in accordance with these terms.

A member paying his membership subscriptions by standing order can cancel his membership at any time by giving one month’s written notice to Woodbyne Fitness Clinic Ltd. The member is responsible for cancellation of their standing order arrangements with their bank. Membership subscriptions paid in advance are non-refundable.


Use of facilities

The membership subscription allows use of the gym facilities during the opening hours and circuit-training classes.  Massage, treatments, indulgence nights and use of the sauna are subject to bookings and an additional fee.

Woodbyne Fitness Clinic Ltd regular opening hours are advertised in the gym.  Additionally members may attend classes outside opening hours, as advertised, provided they book an available place in the class.

Appointments for massage and treatments may be cancelled with 24 hour notice. If less than 24hours notice is given then the full charge for the service will be due.

The Gym is not open on Bank Holidays and will occasionally be closed on other days for maintenance, staff training or other occasional matters.  Notice of this will be placed in the gym, and no refund will be due.  Woodbyne Fitness will endeavour to arrange alternative training times with the member but this will not always be possible.

Appointments should be made in advance to ensure sufficient parking spaces and that gym equipment is not overcrowded.



In event of any default by the member Woodbyne Fitness Clinic Ltd may disclose personal particulars contained in the membership agreement to a credit reference agency or any other party deemed necessary in obtaining settlement of arrears.

Woodbyne Fitness Clinic Ltd make every effort to ensure that the full range of equipment and services is available but there may be some occasions when particular equipment  is not available. No compensation or alternative arrangements will be made in lieu.

A copy of the club rules are available to members for inspection and are posted on the gym notice board.  All members are deemed to have accepted these and all members are required to comply with the same at all times.  The rules may be changed at any time with effect from the point at which the revised version is posted in the gym.

Woodbyne Fitness Clinic Ltd retain the right to vary, add or eliminate any of the particular services or facilities provided

Woodbyne Fitness Clinic Ltd may use the information provided by the member to advise the member, even after membership has lapsed, of Woodbyne Fitness Clinic Ltd offers, facilities and services. If the member does not want this he may instruct Woodbyne Fitness Clinic Ltd in writing accordingly.