Personal Training

For anyone who can afford it, Personal Training can be a very effective method of training

A qualified fitness Instructor can take responsibility for keeping your training on track & help push you to work harder during your training sessions

As with our Group Training, we will ensure that the key elements critical to improve your fitness are included in your personal training sessions.

    Those 5 key elements are :-

  • Regularity
  • Intensity
  • Variety
  • Progression
  • Recovery

Personal Training needs to be under-taken at least on a weekly basis to be successful. Further training is required but this could be performed without your personal trainer.

However, if you can afford Personal Training two or three times per week the benefits can be very significant as your personal trainer can ensure that every training session you do is an effective one.

There is no doubting that personal training results in faster fitness gains and achievement of goals.

We have both male and female, fully qualified personal trainers, and this training can take place both inside the gym and outside as required.

The cost of Personal Training is a very competitive £40 per hour for members & non-members alike.