Injury Rehabilitation

Anybody who trains hard treads a fine line between fitness improvement & injury.

Injury risk can be minimised if you follow a program that gets the balance right of the following factors:

  • Regularity
  • Intensity
  • Variety
  • Progression
  • Recovery

It is always helpful to seek the help & advice of a qualified Fitness Instructor to ensure that your fitness program does this.

However, it is inevitable that injuries do sometimes occur & when they do so it is crucial that you rehabilitate properly before you re-commence your training.

You must identify the cause of the injury, & if not just pure bad luck, you must address the weakness that has been exposed.

At Woodbyne we have 3-Stage Rehabilitation plans for most common sports injuries.

Injury rehabilitation programs can sometimes be performed at home, although having access to a gym will always speed up the recovery process.

At Woodbyne we can offer Injury rehabilitation one to one sessions, where we can take you through the rehab exercises you need to perform & we can also offer short term Gym membership for rehabilitation purposes.

Please contact us for further details.