Group Training Classes

After running fitness classes at the clinic for the last 17 years they have continually proved to be the most successful way of training for the majority of our clients

For this reason, we have moved away from the traditional gym model & we now focus on evening Group Training classes

The major benefit of the Group Training Classes at Woodbyne is that we take on the responsibility of ensuring that the following crucial elements are included in the classes

  • Regularity
  • Intensity
  • Variety
  • Progression

Only by incorporating these key elements into your training regime will you be able to improve your fitness level

We run two types of class - Circuit Training classes & Cardio-Vascular Endurance Classes

Class When? Time
Standard Circuits Mondays 19.30 - 20.30
CV Endurance Class Tuesdays 19.30 - 21.00
Advanced Circuits Thursdays 19.30 - 21.00

Circuit training is one of the most efficient methods for improving general fitness. The aim of the classes is to improve cardiovascular power & muscular strength

Circuit training uses short bursts of a variety of cardio, resistance machines & core exercises

The Standard Circuit classes are suitable for all fitness levels and all ages over 16. The classes include a general warm-up, a cool down and a variety of exercises based around commercial cardiovascular & resistance machines, free-weights and body-weight exercises.

The Advanced Circuit classes are for the more serious exercisers over the age of 18. These classes will help you push your general fitness level up in a short space of time & are for those who follow a regular exercise regime outside the classes.

In the Advanced class we record performance levels of each client in every session, which allows each client to monitor their fitness progress throughout the course.

The Endurance Classes are for those wanting to develop their cardio-vascular endurance & core strength

These classes use the cardio machines in the gym for more prolonged intervals to challenge & develop the body's CV system (heart & lungs)   Additionally a more challenging core workout is included in the routine as a strong core is the bedrock of all fitness & general health.

Core exercises are an essential element of any fitness training - ignored by most - especially those who do not train in gyms

In the Endurance class we record performance levels of each client in every session, which allows each client to monitor their fitness progress throughout the course

Any one of these classes which is suitable for your current fitness level will be beneficial, although we advise all clients that training only once a week will maintain your current fitness level rather than improve it
We always advise clients to supplement a weekly training class with additional training/exercise sessions either outside or inside the gym

The Ideal Training Regime

For anyone with the desire to train two evenings per week in the gym, we would recommend matching up the Tuesday & Thursday classes.
A combination of a weekly Circuit Training class & a CV Endurance class will have a significant impact on your level of fitness & these 2 classes together provide an excellent training base

Fees :-

All our classes can only be paid for on a monthly basis, in advance by Bank Transfer/Repeat Standing Order

Mondays - Standard Circuit Classes - £20 per month
Tuesdays - CV Endurance Classes - £25 per month
Thursdays - Advanced Circuit Classes - £25 per month

If you'd like to attend both types of classes :-

Advanced Circuit & Endurance classes - Tuesdays & Thursdays - £50 per month

We welcome anyone to come & try any of our classes before they commit to signing up for a membership plan (subject to availability)
If you then want to continue participating, you are required to start a monthly payment plan

Your monthly payment plan can be cancelled at anytime by giving one months notice

All of our classes have limited spaces, so please phone or email to check availability

Training Intensity

In our Tuesday & Thursday classes, we encourage our clients to work at or above 90% of their maximum effort.

It is very difficult to continually do this, so we adopt a system that many professional coaches use, which is to work in a 6-week cycle, with 5 weeks continuous hard work followed by a week of less strenuous training/recovery.

Every 6 weeks we use this "recovery" week to re-test your CV fitness & Strength - allowing us & yourselves to check if your training is working

We also monitor your weight & vitally your waistline & re-measure these 2 key metrics every 6 weeks