Woodbyne Fitness Clinic is a training facility in the village of Lacey Green, just outside Princes Risborough.

The traditional gym model doesn't work

After running a gym for 17 years it has become very apparent that the traditional gym model does not work for the vast majority of users

We have found that beyond doubt, Group Training is the most successful training method

At Woodbyne, we now specialize & concentrate on our Group Training classes

All our Group Training classes take place in the evenings - starting at 7.30pm

In these classes we feel we can provide the framework for our clients training which addresses all of the 5 key elements of successful fitness training:

1. Regularity
2. Intensity
3. Variety
4. Progression
5. Recovery

In our experience, Progression is the key element that, if not neglected completely, is often not addressed sufficiently when most gym users control their own training programs

In our Group Training classes, Progression is taken on to be our responsibility, & we will ensure that that your training sessions result in fitness gains.